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The Turquoise Tree


The Company of the Turquoise Tree
Cult List
The Dundealos
Comments and Events
Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs

Vampire Hunting

The Company went vampire hunting in Sartar. Found a really hard one. Kallyr killed it with one blow about half an hour before Lucifer could even get his sword out.He sulked. Everyone else had fun.
Kallyr, Miko, Lucifer,Dana, Tarn, Shenzi

Rabbit Hat


     In Storm Season The Company was approached by Vega Goldbreath again. She needed help investigating problems at Rabbit Hat, a small village in Sun County. The Company agreed to help;

Tarn was elected leader of the mission, Serenity was unable to go due to cult obligations.


Tarn, Anthrus, Dana, Miko,Lucifer, Shenzi


Tarn’s expedition went notably well, although not without mishaps. After a thorough investigation they discovered that a group of ogres and a strange succubus-like spirit were dominating the village. They managed to deal with the situation very well and were able to subdue most of the ensorcelled villagers, rather than killing them. The ogres were all slain and the spirit banished.

     The Sun County authorities were so pleased with the way in which Tarn and The Company had conducted themselves that they granted them the village of Rabbit Hat as a reward. Tarn was elected to stay there and run the settlement (he was more acceptable to the Sun County lads), a form of semi-retirement that he seemed quite pleased about.

The Lismelder Rebellion

The Lismelder tribe of Sartar rose in rebellion against the Lunar oppressors. The Company did not participate directly but sent financial assistance. Kenwyn left and joined her fellow tribespeople in the Rebellion.
Kallyr and Lucifer travelled to Notchet about two months after the Rebellion. They stopped in the Lismelder lands and sought out Fost's family. Kallyr gave them a fair quantity of money and recruited Fost's sister into the service of Vinga. Unknown to his friends Fost was there as well, leading a small band of his clan folk in a guerilla war against the Lunars.

Muriah the Broo

The Company was commissioned to hunt down Muriah, a powerful broo shaman. Took a while to find her but eventually she died a quick death at the hands of Kallyr.
Kallyr, Lucifer, Miko, Tarn, Dana, Shenzi

Hunting Head Hunters

The Company sought out and dealt with a band of Thanatar cultists living in the Big Rubble.
Shenzi, Kallyr, Lucifer, Dana, Miko


Kallyr attempts an experimental heroquest and returns pregnant and with new powers. A herocult is established at The Halls of the Red Lady to allow others to learn a new skill, Sword Dance, and enable worshippers to sacrifice for new spells.
Little is known about the heroquest except that Kallyr encountered Zeech the Slithering Whale again. Her only comment was " Tubby f*&%$úr tried to squish me. Like that was ever going to happen."