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The Turquoise Tree

Kings of The Dundealos

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The Dundealos
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The King List of the Dundealos.

* indicates that the named individual is considered a tribal hero.

Dundeal * Founder of the tribe. Wielder of the Twin Blades of Gorran Orlanthsson.

1326-1346: Kallaina FiveWinds*|. Macleod. Vingan. Renowned heroquestor. Famed for her charm and beauty.

1346-1350: Horath Threskar. Delmeth.

1350-1354: Kocho Fireblade. Blue Raven. Elmali.

1354-1368: Leika Longtresses*. Macleod. Ernalda heroquestor, priestess of Kev the Visionary.

1369: Rangdal Mournsong*. Mavani. Great poet and skald. Composed a now-lost history of Dundeal.

1369-1373: Vanioth Vingasdottir. Macleod. Vingan. Died fighting chaos.

1373-1378: Yavathol Sharpaxe. Singing Tree. Vingan. Didn’t wear clothes in Fire Season. Resigned to quest for the Blade of Vengeance following the deaths of her children at the hands of Praxian raiders.

1378-1390: Rollo the Stout*. Blue Raven. Obstinate but good King.

1390-1403: Tordan the Wise*. Metcafi. Follower of the Knowing God. Ruled well and brought prosperity to the tribe.

1403-1404: Notker the Stammerer. Singing Tree. Developed a stammer during the kingship rituals. Killed in an accident, although some of his clan claimed that he was murdered.

1404-1408: Varag Breezecall. Blue Jay. Ruled well, he was blessed by Orlanth.

1408-1439: Sven Igarrson. Perendan. Generous and wise ruler.

1440: Bjarnni Stoutshield. Macleod. Died on a heroquest.

1440: Valeria Ruriksdottir. Tardarvi. Killed in feud.

1440: Perendal Darkbrow. Black Axe. Killed in feud.

1441-1445: Aelfwyn Natalinasdottir*. Macleod. Vingan. She ended the feuds and reunited the tribe. Disappeared during ritual.

1445-1451: Barakos the Bold. Macleod. Died on heroquest.

1451-1452: Gorokos the Useless. Macleod. Forced to resign and went into exile.

1452-1457: Bjarnni Svensson. Perendan. Known for his love of food, good decision making and generosity.

1457-1465: Gosha Stormcloud. Delmeth. Killed during Battle of the Three Hills.

1465-1466: Henga Ironstorm. Metcafi. Owned a skybull.

1466-1471: Torkai Kondelsson. Perendan. Generous.

1471: Niall Kondelsson. Perendan. Assassinated by Kraashti.

1471-1491: Havik the Cruel. Blue Raven. Evil King who used Volsaxi and Praxian mercenaries to enforce his rule. He was a tyrant.

1491-1492: Navik the Bastard. Blue Raven. Killed by Terven Stormvoice of the Perandan.

1492-1509: Lars Plentycows *. Delmeth. Heroquesting Barntar priest. Known for the peace he brought to the tribe after the 21 years of the Ravens Rule. Friend of Sartar.

1509-1536. Einhard Stormvoice*. Perendan. Son of Terven Stormvoice  and famed heroquestor. Possessed the Shield of Infithe Vingkotsdottir.

1536-1538: Erryk Redbull. Blue Jay. Known for his boundless energy and hatred of chaos. Killed by Praxian raiders.

1539: Hengist Breaksword. Blue Jay.Humakti who renounced the sword when it was prophesied that he must be the next king. Slain in battle later that year.

1539-1555: Maniski Stormbreath*. Perendan. Renowned heroquestor and awakener of the Blue Creek spirit. Had powers of darkness from associations with the cult of Kygor Litor.

1555-1561: Raskat Karolsson. Delmeth. Died whilst renewing his yearly Kingship vows.

1561-1582: Infithe Macleod*. Macleod. Vingan. Great warrior known to have descended from Orande the Odd. Famed for her lack of stature. Died fighting the Lunars in Tarsh.

1582-1596: Rurik Macleod. Macleod. Infithe's son. Killed during a sable rider raid.

1596: Charity Macleod: Macleod. Vingan who died fighting the Lunars. Eldest daughter of Infithe.

1596-1597: Vanaera Macleod. Macleod. Vingan heroquestor. Died fighting the Lunars.

1597-1599: Hengist Macleod. Macleod. Infithe's brother. Resigned Kingship and later died in the Starbrow Rebellion. Wielder of a Stormsword he gained on heroquest.

1599-1618: Tostig Macleod. Macleod. Son of Infithe. Died in the rebellion that followed the rape of his daughters by Lunar tax collectors.

The Enstalos

1618- 1628: Edric Stormsight. Coronos. Lunar collaborator originally of the Blue Raven clan. Betrayed the tribe.

The Dundealos

1628+ ; Serenity Macleod*. Macleod.  The Reluctant Queen. Heroquestor and bearer of the Windsword.

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