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Chief List of the Macleod Clan.


1314-1346: Kallaina FiveWinds. Vingan. Tribal Queen 1326-1346.

1346-1350: Orlgandi Kallainasson.

1350-1351: Rangdal Bagraddsson.

1351-1369: Estavos Rangdalsson.

1369-1373: Vanioth Vingasdottir. Tribal Queen at this time.

1373-1378: Ingard Orlennsson:

1378-1386: Salinarg the Generous: The subject of many poems.

1386-1403: Tordan the Wise: Tribal King 1390-1403.

1403-1404: Konstrel Strongstorm:

1404-1411: Dagmar Fireblade: Vingan heroquestor.

1411-1426: Revik Rockhammer. Died fighting Mostali.

1426-1429: Tarana Goldentongue. Issaries and Vinga worshipper who greatly enriched the clan.

1429-1440: Bjarnni Stoutshield. Tribal King in 1440.

1440-1445: Aelfwyn Natalinasdottir. Famous Vingan priestess. Tribal Queen 1440-1445.

1445-1451: Barakos the Bold. Tribal King 1445-1451.

1451-1452: Gorokos the Useless. Tribal King. We do not talk about him.

1452-1455: Loskan Bjarnnisson.

1455-1461: Revik Sixslay. Renowned Wind Lord. Slew six sorcerers in one battle.

1461-1469: Hendik Ashartsson. Kept the clan reasonably secure during difficult times.

1469-1471: Inzoli the Quick. Murdered by the Blue Raven clan.

1471: Ottor Stormvoice. Killed in battle with the Blue Ravens.

1471: Garak Bearheart. Died on heroquest.

1471-1474: Perendal Ingardsson. Resigned following bad omens.

1474-1475: Karendra the Slim. Ernalda priestess killed by Blue Raven clan assassins.

1475-1495: Tancred Galesword (Macleod). Great hero and founder of the Macleod lineage.

From this point on Macleod chieftains came only from descendants of Tancred or those adopted into the family of the chief. This is not strictly hereditary chieftainship. Those elected clan chief by the ring are adopted into the ‘ Macleod ‘family', thus all chieftains since this time have been Macleods. So far the Macleod family descended directly from Tancred has consistently produced the best candidates for the chiefs position. This has resulted in it being almost traditional for a Macleod chieftain to be elected and gives the Macleods great status within the tribe as well as the clan. One other feature of this form of rulership is that only one Macleod in addition to the chief can sit on the clan ring at any one time. The noble families of the clan normally provide the rest of the ring with the exception of one seat which is a position held only by an elected representative of the rest of the clan (and represents Ginna Jar- the collective spirit ).

1495-1517: Aldur Macleod. The Farmer.

1517-1520: Bryony Macleod. Vingan. Adopted daughter of Aldur.

1520-1529: Bridget Macleod: Vingan. Daughter of Aldur.

1529-1546: Bjarnni Macleod.

1546-1582: Infithe Macleod. Tribal Queen 1561-1582

1582-1596: Rurik Macleod. Tribal King 1582-1596.

1596: Charity Macleod. Vinga/Bevara worshipper killed by the Lunars. Tribal Queen.

1596-1597: Vanaera Macleod. Vingan. Killed fighting chaos. Tribal Queen 1596-1597.

1597-1599: Hengist Macleod. Tribal King 1597-1599: Resigned. Died in the Starbrow Rebellion.

1599-1618: Tostig Macleod. Tribal King 1599-1618.

1628+ Serenity Macleod. Vinga Adventuress. Renowned heroquestor. Silver skinned .Tribal Queen 1628+