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The Turquoise Tree

Clans of the Dundealos:1610

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The Clans of the Dundealos Tribe c1610.


This is a listing of all the clans of the Dundealos tribe in the year 1610. Hengist Macleod was King.

Black Axe: A small war clan ( c 600 ) named after its most powerful relic.

Blue Raven: Large and wealthy clan ( c 1400 ). The Vile Clan. Large flocks and prosperous herding lands.

Blue Jay: (900). Best known for its copper mines and wise loremasters.

Delmeth: Large and rich clan ( c1440 ). Known for trading, pottery and fruit production.

Grey Alynx/Harolli: A smallish ( c 850 ) but wealthy clan. The clan has many renowned hunters and is also known to have the best alynx breeders in the area.

Metcafi/Hawk: Farming clan (c1000) well known for the productivity of its fields and its large pig herds. Many followers of Elmal. They live by and fish the Lorsing river.

Macleod: (c 1200 ). Powerful and wealthy clan who have long been prominent in the tribe. Has provided many of the tribal heroes, particularily Vingans. The clan possesses many   relics, good farming land and is known for its traders and mercenaries. Small source of iron on clan lands, but it is best known for its fine green clay which by ancient tradition they always sell to the Delmeth. Many fine skalds and poets come from this clan.

Mavani: Farming clan ( c 1100 ). This clan occupies good farming land near the Lorsing river and is well known for its excellent wines and magnificent feasts.

Perendan: Large ( c 1450 ) farming clan. The clan has a tradition/history of mad chieftains. Renowned for its bards.

Singing Tree: Small clan ( c 720 ). Named after its temple to Aldrya. The clan is known for its odd ways and its long friendship with the elves who live in the local woods. They produce excellent leather goods and carvings.

Tardarvi: Farming clan ( c 1000 ). Poor clan which has suffered greatly from raids and other misfortunes in the last few years.

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