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Clans of the Enstalos:1625

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The Clans of the EnstalosTribe c1625


This is a listing of all the clans of the Enstalos tribe in the year 1625. Edric Sunsight of the Coronos was King.

Astakos: New and rich clan ( c 1200 ). Sun clan. Chief is Esrar Goldhelm. Main site is Sungrant Stead. Introduced by the Lunars this clan consists largely of  Tarshite sun-worshippers. On arrival they were granted the rich farming lands of Widestream Valley.

Black Pig: New clan ( c 500 ). Earth clan. Clan chief is Erin Korasin. Main site is Black Pig Hold. This clan was formed following the rebellion of 1618 from earth-worshippers of the defeated tribe.

Coronos: New clan ( c 1050 ). The clan chief, is Conal Sablebane. Main site is Dun Coronos. This consists of refugees settled here by the Lunars. Powerful.  There is a large slave-run villa on the South Slope which takes advantage of the old Mavani vineyards. The tribal king, Edric Sunsight is  of the Coronos The Coronos took over the rich farming lands of the Mavani.

Delmeth: Rich clan ( c 850 ). Chief is Arran the Quiet. Main site is Torfirs Hold. Known for trading, pottery and fruit production ( especially apples and a delicious variety of pear called Delmeth Greens ).

Lorsing: Farming clan ( c 690 ). Chief is Rhodry Twoswords. Main site is Riverhold. Well known for the productivity of its fields and its large pig herds. They live by and fish the Lorsing river.

Perendan: Farming clan ( c 400 ). Chief is Krogar the Pragmatic. Main site is First Green. The clan has a tradition/history of mad chieftains. Many of the clan belonged to other Dundealos clans prior to the rebellion.

Tekamoros: Large and wealthy clan ( c 1200 ). Sun clan. Chief is Ketil the Bright. Main site is Sunhold. The Vile Clan. Ex-Blue Raven, Lunar collaborators and Sun-worshippers from Peloria. Large flocks and good grazing lands. Good source of bronze on their lands.

The Lost Clans: Macleod, Blue Jay, Tardarvi, Black Axe, Grey Alynx, Singing Tree and Mavani.


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