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The Turquoise Tree

Other members of The Company

The Company of the Turquoise Tree
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Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs

"Remember to act normal. Normal for other people that is, not normal for us"


New Members



This section briefly details recent recruits to The Company. Most of these characters are effectively sidekicks, played when a players main character is not involved in the game session (e.g. when Fost travelled to Tarsh, Jay played Rumpol FourCows (instead of Serenity) and Long Un played Kardala EightKnives (instead of Lucifer), as both characters had previous commitments). As the characters are played more they will get their own pages.




Bettsina (Betsy)


Midget Humakti Priestess. 1628+


Notchet born Humakti. Disturbingly cheerful. Very, very short, with long blonde hair. Wears black leather armour and uses broadswords. Has a Death rune tattoo on her forehead. Joined the group after Lucifer sponsored her membership. Played by Jay.


Kardala EightKnives


Mildly Psychopathic Vingan. 1628+


Vingan with a slightly dodgy reputation from Boldhome. Slightly unbalanced (she fitted right in). Made the mistake of going to the Vinga temple in Pavis where Bjork OddSong recruited her. Helped Lucifer defeat Glim Glim and raid the Thanatar temple. Very pretty. She and Serenity are good friends. Used to see herself as a bit of a psychopath and very tough, but is currently revising this opinion after seeing Serenity and Lucifer fighting scorpionmen. This character was converted from an NPC in one of Pete’s RPG books, as soon as I know which it will be credited here. Played by Jay and Long Un.


Ming Lee


Talented Kralori Adept. 1628+


Female Kralori apprentice to Miko. Ming Lee became a full member of The Company when she joined Serenity and Lucifer on their trip to Notchet in 1628. She is quiet, observant and a competent spell caster. Played by Doug.



Randala ShadowMane


Pretty Dancing Yinkini. 1628+


Female Sartarite priestess of Yinkin. Was introduced to The Company by Bjarnni Steadburner. Accompanied Serenity and Lucifer on their trip to Notchet in 1628. This character was converted from the Black Oaks, Black Magic Demo character files. Played by Danny.




Storm Loving Priest. 1628+


Male Sartarite priest of Orlanth and Helamakt. Dundaelos tribe. First met the party on the Arden’s Stead adventure in 1625. Became a full member of The Company when he accompanied Serenity and Lucifer on their trip to Notchet in 1628. Rhodry is a powerful spell caster with many Storm magics, and a skilled warrior. Played by Markie.



Rumpol FourCows


Gargantuan Lawspeaking Epicure. 1628+


Male Sartarite priest of Orlanth. Joined the Turquoise Tree Clan in 1627, after arriving in Pavis as a refugee in Storm Season 1626. Is married and has two sons and seven daughters. Reportedly looking for seven brothers. Rumpol likes his food. A lot. He is an amiable and silver-tongued fellow. Accompanied Fost’s expedition to Tarsh. Played by Jay.


Other Company Members




This section details those members of The Company who are not played regularily, mainly because their players cannot attend all sessions or they are only played when a player’s main character is not involved in a session for one reason or another. Others have duites or positions that prevent them taking part in all sessions.




Mad axe-woman. 1620+.


Dundaelos tribeSartarite priestess of Babeester Gor. Mad and excessively violent wielder of The Big Axe. Joined early in 1620 and helped to fight the Chaos Gaggle. She is currently at the Arm of Pavis and serves as guard captain at the Earth temples there. Dana is 6’ tall, heavily muscled, has mid-length blood red hair, and is very pleasing to the eye. Played by Long Un.





Overenthusiastic night watchman. 1625+


Male Sartarite godi of Elmal the hearthguard. Tovtaros tribe. Joined in 1625 and fought on the Cradle mission. Solid and relaible. In charge of the nightwatch at the Arm of Pavis. Large and strong, beardy. Met a nymph on the Cradle. Played by Lars.




Antelope controlling Basmoli. 1618+.


Basmoli scout and founder member of The Company. On most Company adventures until 1622, she has spent most of her time since learning the arts of the shaman and her patron deity Basmol.  Looks like a cute Basmoli, what more can I say. Played by Sarah.




Stereotypical Uroxi Psychopath. 1624+. Sartarite Storm Khan.


Rena was on active service with The Company for two years and earned a reputation as a brave warrior. She currently spends her time assisting Thorfinn at the Pavis temple to Urox and leading anti-chaos patrols in the Rubble. Rena is tall, blond, and very pleasing to the eye. Played by Kat.


Shenzi Nyeusi


Ropey thieving git. 1624+. Esrolian priest of Lanbril.


Joined The Company in 1624, quickly proving his skill as a scout and valour as a warrior. Currently working at the Arm of Pavis, he is the intelligence and procurement specialist of The Company. Shenzi is 5’8” tall, dark haired, but is a master of disguise and often adopts other appearances. Played by Davy (The Pond Doctor).




Sneaky eastern scout. 1620+.


Member of Vinga and some other cults (she never says which). Helped scout for The Company from 1620 until the Great Split. Went to Dorastor but returned to Pavis within a year having been unjustly accused of murdering a neighbour. Currently operates as a covert ops specialist for The Company, sometimes with Shenzi but mostly as a free agent. Taka is 5’2” tall, has long dark hair, a lean physique and is very cute. Played by Pete.


Tarn WildBow


Relaxed Sun Domer. 1623+.


Male Sun Domer, rune lord of Yelmalio. Spear using archer. Relaxed hoplite type who aided the party in the Rabbit Hat affair and several minor adventures. Retired from active duty. He runs Rabbit Hat village and other Company lands in Sun County, but still keeps his fitness and skills by fighting raiders, training, and organising the militia. Recently competed in the Kagrokka Contests. Tarn is 5’10” tall; blue eyed, has blond hair and a beard, a muscular build, and wears a lot of gold. Played by Andy, Marky, and Long Un.



Past Members

This section provides brief details about the past members of The Company.




Bison riding Uroxi. 1618-1620.


Founder member of The Company and the first to die in its service, killed by a grue near Dagori Inkarth in 1620. Played by Steve.




Speed-freak Wagon priest.1623


Sun County native. priest of Lokarnos. Worked with Company during Rabbit Hat adventure but left afterwards because he couldn't stand the singing.



Chun Li


Video game heroine. 1620-1621.


Trowjangi acolyte of Tolnat. A skilled warrior, Serenity’s lover, and capable spell caster, she was full of life, lusty and had great dress sense. Died in 1621, shortly after The Company had taken the Arm of Pavis, fighting ghouls and zombies in the cellar. Played by Jay.


Garak Carmorgan


Shitty breeched Orlanthi. 1618-1622.


Male Sartarite of the Lismelder tribe. Wind Lord and River Hero. Founder member of The Company. Went to Dorastor following the Great Split, became a farmer and settled down with his wife and kids. Was a valiant but impetuous warrior of great skill but little brain. Played by Rich.




Stubborn rhino rider. 1622-1623.


Male rhino rider. Storm Khan of Urox. Helped the party fight the Chaos Gaggle and survived the Great Split of 1622. Good warrior but stubborn, sexist, and unhelpful. Killed in a duel with Serenity in 1623. Played by John.


Haradda Finehair


Sartarite goth cutie. 1620-1622.


Female Sartarite warrior and initiate of Humakt. Briefly worked with The Company but left following their defeat by the Lunars in 1622. Ex-girlfriend of Serenity. NPC.




Shy Vingan thief. 1618-1619.


Pavic female initiate of Vinga and thief. Founder member of the group. Left in 1619 after the second adventure to find a safer way to make a living. Played by Little Sair.




Tough Humakti mercenary. 1623-1624.


Female Sartarite initiate of Humakt. Fought with The Company on a few adventures but left in 1624 to fight in the Lismelder rebellion. Believed to have been killed in the rebellion. Played by Donna.


Kragle Kagfriend


Mighty great troll. 1618-1622.


Male great troll. Founder member of The Company, River Hero, and acolyte of Kygor Litor. Kragle was a great and cultured warrior whose strength and determination carried the party through many adventures. He was an initiate of Orlanth and a true believer in a Company in which all would be welcome. His vision helped to shape The Company and those who knew him sorely miss him. Kragle was killed by ghosts and treacherous Yelmalian hoplites whilst adventuring in the Puzzle Canal.  Played by Steve.




Briefly valiant Vingan. 1624.


Female Sartarite initiate of Vinga. Serenity’s apprentice. Died in her first adventure with The Company (fell from a cliff). Played by Jay.




Sable riding Uroxi. 1620-1621.


Female sable rider and Uroxi. Left the party after the Vomiter adventure. Played by Anna.


Wasumato Hai


Katana wielding nutter. 1620.


Samurai type from the mysterious east. A quiet but totally fearless warrior, he died during a side-adventure near Notchet. Played by Jay.



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