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The Turquoise Tree


The Company of the Turquoise Tree
Cult List
The Dundealos
Comments and Events
Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs




Humble Beginnings


The Company first met in Swenstown. A caravan to Pavis, led by a trader called Dvarhelm, was hiring guards and they had all signed up for the trip. The group that later became The Company consisted of the following members, each with their own reasons for travelling to Pavis.


        Alducar. A sable rider Uroxi from the depths of Prax. Alducar sought only to slay Chaos and get rich.

        Fost Longstrider. A Lismelder tribesman and Orlanthi warrior. Fost sought to escape the Lunar oppression of Sartar, get rich, and make a name for himself.

        Garak Carmorgan. A Lismelder tribesman and Orlanthi warrior. Garak intended to fight, drink, sleep around, get rich, and get famous, preferably in that order.

        Jasmine. A thief from Pavis. Jasmine wanted to make her fortune and retire to a life of luxury at a young age.

        Kallyr the Red. Actually Serenity Macleod, daughter of the tribal king of the Dundealos tribe, she was wanted for her part in the Dundealos rebellion earlier that year, revenge on the Lunars seemed to be her biggest motive.  She initially posed as Kallyr the Red, a Babeester Gor worshipper (few outside the group know her true name).

        Kateri. Nobody knew why Kateri signed up, but then I am not convinced that she knew herself.

        Kragle Kagfriend.  A great troll from Dagori Inkarth, Kragle wanted to escape the narrow confines of his past life and explore the world for himself.




The trip proved eventful. A raid on the caravan not long after it departed helped to bring the people who would become The Company together; they were the least experienced fighters and had been detailed to guard the same section of the caravan. Forced by circumstances to act together, the young warriors acquitted themselves well in the fight.

From then on they began to get on well. Fost and Kragle especially so. The two of them bought an amulet from a  ‘dodgy looking’ baboons, hoping to make a good profit, but were in fact ripped off. The turquoise tree amulet turned out to be worth less than half of what they paid for it. The trip brought further adversity and by the time the caravan arrived in Pavis they were well on our way to becoming good friends.

Only Serenity and Kragle struggled to integrate themselves into the group. Kragle was just different (he was a great troll after all) and did not get on well with the party. This changed as he and the others became used to each other, a process that took some time. Serenity was quiet, evidently distrusted the others, and seemed bad tempered and aloof (well, in fairness, she is bad tempered). This, coupled with her obsession with revenge, created a barrier between her and the party that took several years to break down fully, she always seemed to have her own agenda.






The Company found themselves in Pavis, unemployed and running out of money. They worked here and there on small jobs, but eventually agreed to form an adventuring/mercenary group and try to earn some decent money. They decided to name themselves The Company of The Turquoise Tree, in memory of Fost and Kragle’s’ misadventure.



The River Voices


 After two minor forays into the Big Rubble, the group became involved in a series of adventures they later termed the River Voice adventures. Jasmine left The Company to find a less dangerous occupation as she found the lifestyle difficult to cope with. The Company ranged up and down the Zola Fel River, mostly blundering through encounters, until finally they succeeded in cleansing it of the Chaos blight that was affecting it.

This was the true beginning of their illustrious careers. They were proclaimed River Heroes and managed to get decent food and accommodation for the first time in months. The party was also able to purchase decent equipment, matrices, spells, and training. It was at this time that they met Krogar Wolfhelm, an Orlanth priest who was connected to the resistance. The Orlanthi members of the party began to attend his worship services and do the odd job here and there for him. 

      Over time, their shared experiences brought them closer together, and they began to realise how much they liked and depended on one another. This developed into a strong Company ethic and a sense that, to a certain extent, they were family and should look out for each other.


  (- Jasmine).