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The Turquoise Tree

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The Dundealos
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Only the recent history of the tribe is given here. Events from the more distant past will be included as soon as they have been properly written up.
After the Lunar conquest of Sartar in 1602 the Dundealos tribal ring was split between those who wished to fight the Lunars directly and others who prefered to collaborate/cooperate (outwardly at least). This caused much dissension between the clans. Many warriors joined the rebels still fighting in the north and most of the clans supported their efforts where possible (albeit covertly). 
As a whole however the tribe lived more or less peacefully under their new overlords. There were even some benefits to being ruled by the Lunars. Their conquest of Pavis brought some respite from Praxian raiders, and trade with the north improved. They taxed the clans lightly and interfered only occasionally in tribal affairs. Despite this most of the tribe bitterly resented the interlopers and their taxes, attempts to convert them, and interference in tribal affairs.
The tribal lands were initally lightly garrisoned as the Dundealos were not seen as a threat . Over time however, the Lunar authorities became increasingly concerned. Missionaries were making few converts and a growing body of evidence was being accumulated about Dundealos involvement with the rebels. They responded by increasing garrison levels and sending more missionaries. They intervened in tribal affairs on a regular basis and tried to set clan against clan through various intrigues and schemes. Resentment amongst the tribespeople increased massively as a result of these activities.
More trouble came when a Lunar business consortium discovered that there were copper and iron mines on the Dundealos lands. They began to agitate for a greater Lunar presence in the region and sought to secure the mines for themselves.
Initially frustrated in their attempts they then bribed Tarmaz Festur, an aide to the governor of Sartar, into helping them. They decided to provoke open rebellion amongst the Dundealos and then crush it, seize the tribal lands and enslave the people. Tarmaz  agreed to arrange for them to be granted mining rights following the seizures in return for a substantial bribe. The consortium also purchased the loyalties of several high-ranking soldiers, including Karuth Redort, the garrison commander of Swenstown, the nearest large Lunar base. He viewed it as an excellent opportunity to rid himself of a troublesome group of Orlanthi who had so far given him no real excuse to  act against them, prove himself in command and get well paid for the privilege.
The first stage in their scheme was to increase the taxes levied on the tribe. This was resisted by many of the tribesmen and very few paid up. Several brawls occured when tax collectors attempted to collect the taxes.
Tarmaz used the fights and lack of payment of taxes to persuade the governor (Fazzur Wideread) to appoint a tax commission with special powers to seize property in the case of non-payment,and to give the tax collectors a substantial armed escort to assist  them. Tarmaz was also able to use his influence to have Numerus Pecadilus, a member of the consortium appointed as head of the commission.

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