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The Turquoise Tree

Orlanthi Clans of Venellia

The Company of the Turquoise Tree
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This page is simply a listing of the Orlanthi clans that The Company encountered during their time in Fay-Jee. It includes brief notes about some of the clans.

The Venellian League

The six Orlanthi clans who live closest to Fay-Jee are joined in a loose confederation known as the Venellian League.

The wealthiest clan. Based at Twobears Stead and led by Harron Twobears.
Purple Crow
Small but warlike clan.

The Black Cypress

The Black Cypress clan dwells in the marshes near Fay-Jee. They venerate a tree and are led by a shaman, Boris the Odd.

The Blue Tusk Clans

The Blue Tusk clans are four clans of highlanders who live in the Fleshman Hills, near to the Solanthi. They are poor, proud, and very independantly minded. They have little contact with other people except at the Blue Tusk trading post. Loosely allied to Fay-Jee.

Blue Cat
Foolish Dog
Round Rock
Sky Badger

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