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The Turquoise Tree

The Arm of Pavis

The Company of the Turquoise Tree
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This page lists the people of note at The Company's base, the Arm of Pavis, a small, fortified settlement surrounding an ancient watchtower near to Manni's Fort in the Big Rubble. The Company attacked the bandits who previously occupied the tower, the Tarsh Gang, and drove them out. They then took the tower as a base, further fortified it, and set up a small trading post.

      Over the last eight years the community has grown and is now quite substantial. The Arm serves as the base for the group’s warband. The facilities have been expanded to include pubs  (The Arm of Pavis, The Obsidian Oak, and The Emerald Elm), an inn (The Free Wind), an outfitter, cheap dorms, and houses for rent, weavers, potters, a smithy, stables, healers, a small market, and a training facility.

     A settlement has been established next to the Arm to house refugees and Company employees. It is the focus of the clan/warband that the group has established. Many Sartarites living in Pavis County have joined them. The group has also helped many landless refugees from Sartar cross Prax and settle in the region, initially on land owned by The Company and more recently on land seized from the Lunars following the rebellion.

     At present the settlement includes small temples to Orlanth, Vinga, and Ernalda, shrines to Babeester Gor, Chalana Arroy, Bevara, Hedkoranth, Humakt, Mei Chuan, Urox, Vanganth and Xiola Umbar. These are attended by Company employees, the warband, local adventurers, and members of the 'clan'.

      The Company has also paid for the construction of communal buildings (both at the Arm and in Pavis County) and is busy establishing herds and accumulating equipment to provide the clan with a good start, investing a good deal of money in the process.

     The facilities are open to all in the Rubble, with the exception of the Lunars and Chaos. They serve as a safe haven within the Rubble where adventurers and Company allies can get assistance, supplies, shelter, a warm meal, and a good drink. The Rules are well known; those who violate them are dealt with harshly.


People of note at The Arm of Pavis




    This list includes employees, friends, fellow clan members, and associates of The Company.



Alline Trentraeth


Female Sartarite of the Dundealos tribe. Priestess of Ernalda and clan ring member. Senior priestess of the Earth temple. Patient and calm.


Ardele Trentraeth


Female Sartarite of the Dundaelos tribe. Initiate of Issaries and Vinga. Apprentice trader for The Company. Accompanied them on the trip to Fay-Jee in 1629. Alline's little sister.


Bethany Carmorgan


Garak’s little sister. Vinga initiate and temple guard.


Bjork Kallyrsdottir


Female Sartarite from Serenity’s clan of the Dundealos tribe. Vingan Red Woman, Daughter of Vinga. Serenity’s assistant and adopted daughter.


Bjork OddSong


Female Sartarite of the Aranwyth tribe. Loyal Daughter of Vinga at the Hall of the Red Lady. Tough, no-nonsense, but generous and kind to those in need.


Carramaena Kallyrsdottir


Female Sartarite from Boldhome. Vinga initiate. Serenity’s adopted daughter.


Chingua TallLeopard


Male Agimori. Bouncer at the Arm of Pavis and Company emissary to the Agimori. Has been a friend of The Company since he adventured with them in 1621.




Male Sartarite Sword Sage of Hevduran. Joined the Turquoise Tree Clan after adventuring with some of The Company in early 1627.


Davok Breg


Bison riding Humakti. Leads the bison riders when Lucifer is away.


Demet Ardivan


Sartarite Orlanthi weaponthane. One of Bjarnni’s band, he helps with weapons training and command of the fyrd.


Dilys Gravellaw

Female Pavic initiate of Lhankor Mhy. Company scribe. Has worked for The Company since 1622.


Egil Ostenstadt


Male Sartarite. Ex-Dundealos tribe weaponthane. Chief of the Turquoise Tree clan. Egil is an aging but valiant warrior who was warband leader of the Macleod Clan and taught Kallyr how to use the sword. Used to play  football for Southampton FC. Has a good knowledge of Sartar and its environs.


Erryth SweetLaughter


Female Sartarite priestess of Ernalda. Assists Alline.




Dwarf barman at the pub. Makes great cocktails.


Gale Warnyn


Female Wind Child. Initiate of Vinga. Very cute. Serenity’s longest serving apprentice and lover.




Female apprentice to Miko.




Female trollkin. Xiola Umbar priestess and leader of the trollkin of the clan. Mate of Serenity, has worked for The Company since she was freed after being bought as a slave in 1621.


Henga Ironfist


Male Sartarite of the Dundealos tribe. Orlanth Thunderous (Vingkot Victorious) initiate, and experienced warrior. He commands part of the fyrd.


Korn Stouthelm


Male Sartarite Orlanthi. Weaponthane and follower of Bjarnni. Weapons trainer and patrol leader. Sent by Bjarnni to assist in Pavis.


Larissa the Hobbit


Female hobbit. Acolyte of The Trickster and friend of Serenity/Fost. Turned Fost’s hair pink once. Cool.




Male Sartarite priest of Lhankor Mhy. Good lawspeaker. Serves on the clan ring when needed.





Male mercenary from Safelester. Leads the training of the warband and fyrd. Little is known about him but Serenity says that he is mostly trustworthy.




Male rhino rider. Shaman serving Waha. Has been an ally of The Company when they freed him following the assault in which they captured the Arm of Pavis.


Owein the Sweet


Male Sartarite. Initiate of Orlanth. Weaponthane. Went on the Daskor’s Stead adventure. Very good looking. ‘Friend’ of Serenity and many other Vingans. Understudy to the warband leader.


Pharzeela Bloodwoman


Female Tarshite. Initiate of Maran Gor. Originally a foe (member of the Tarsh Gang) then became a friend and ally. Serves in the guards for the Earth temples and helps to train the warband.


Roger (Korg Skullsplitter)


Male dark troll. Acolyte of Kygor Litor and initiate of Orlanth. Follower of the Way of Kragle. Works as Serenity’s parasol holder and doorman at the Arm of Pavis tavern.


Ryan Swenson


Male Sartarite priest of Chalana Arroy. Serves on the clan ring and runs the small shrine to the goddess at the Arm of Pavis.




Female Sartarite Uroxi. Raena’s follower. Second in command of her warband.


Sigrott BigKnife


Male dark troll. Initiate of Humakt and assistant to Lucifer.


Sinnead McAlwen


Female Sartarite priestess of Issaries. Serves on the clan ring. Tradethane.




Female Agimori Uroxi. Apprentice to Raena.