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The Turquoise Tree

Lucifer Skullbreaker

The Company of the Turquoise Tree
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Male Praxian of the Skull Bat clan of bison-riders.


Death Sword of Humakt, heroquestor, clan ring member of the Turquoise Tree clan, and early member of the company.


Lucifer is 6’6” tall, heavily built, and has long jet-black hair braided into boasting knots. He is left handed and surprisingly agile for a big lad. Wears black leather armour and a broad brimmed hat most of the time.


Age 29.


Front-rank fighter.



Lucifer joined The Company in 1619 and quickly proved his worth as a stalwart warrior, so devoted to his god that he seemed to have a death wish. He fought with The Company until 1622, helping to defeat both the Chaos Gaggle and the Vomiter.


Lucifer travelled to Dorastor following the Great Split, an enforced tactical relocation he shared with several other Company members. He settled in Frog River Valley, killed some stuff, pulled a nymph, got bored of living on a farm, and returned to Pavis in 1624.


Delighted to find some of his old fighting buddies alive, he has fought in all Company exploits since then. He has also participated in some side-adventures, most notably at Daskor's Stead and going roc hunting (for sport, the psycho). 

At the Battle of Iceland he was Death Incarnate and slew Lunar soldiers by the score. He played a pivotal role during the Pavis Rebellion and slew many Lunar soldiers.


He discovered a Cacodemon temple during his adventures while the rest of The Company were at the Troll Games. He slew Glim Glim, a powerful Lunar, and slew the Cacodemon cultists at the temple. It was Lucifer that discovered some ancient tunnels at the temple that later led him, Serenity and Thorfinn the Uroxi into a confrontation with the Eye of Wakboth (If The Eye was still alive, it would probably wish that it had negotiated). 


Lucifer is always at the front of the party, slaying the enemy and carving the way to success. Runs a temple in the Big Rubble and is fast on his way to becoming a master swordsmith. He uses paired bastard swords in battle, having finally (Serenity says) outgrown his shield.


Lucifer is big, strong, has the constitution of an ox, and immense fighting skills. He is blessed by Humakt and serves his lord faithfully, waiting only for the time when he is called to stand at his side.


He is an innovator in combat tactics, some of the subtleties of which are not obvious to fellow party members. Mostly they work, mostly.


Lucifer appears to be just a big warrior type and this helps to hide that he is a powerful priest with many spells at his command and very cunning- in his own inimitable way. He is a skilled rider, outdoorsman, and probably the most honourable member of the party. Unusually for a Praxian warrior, he can read and write.


Lucifer's life is ruled by three things: Humakt, Serenity, and the constant demands of his bison, Hellfire. The bison seems vain, demanding a weekly wash bison session, it wears an over-the- top helmet made from an allosaur skull and has an extra-thick woollen overcoat to keep it warm at night.


Lucifer likes fighting, death, riding his bison over foes, good books, and his weekly wash bison session. He hates undead and Chaos.

Having yet again outwitted Lucifer, Hellfire roamed free.



Played by Long Un.


Lucifer says


“Alright, I’ll kick the crocodile then!”


Nothing. It's Fire Day.


“Violence isn’t an option, it’s a lifestyle.”


“Allow me to introduce you to my Lord.”




Others say


" You're a big lad but you've got no brains.”

(Fost and Serenity)


“Don’t you think you’re overdoing the whole goth Death rune thing?”



“Just because you’re a Humakti doesn’t mean that you can’t do fun things. You just aren’t allowed to enjoy it.”



“Lucifer, a sucking chest wound is nature’s way of telling you to slow down.”