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The Turquoise Tree


The Company of the Turquoise Tree
Cult List
The Dundealos
Comments and Events
Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs


Hippy Orlanthi warrior.




Female Sartarite of Harolli clan of the Dundealos tribe. 


Daughter of Vinga, heroquestor, and member of The Company.


Flower is 5’6” tall, has red hair, green eyes, and is very good-looking.


Age 26.


Support fighter.


Flower is one of the newer members of The Company. She joined in 1625.


Participated in the Battle of Iceland with distinction, performed valiantly in the Cradle affair, and has heroquested with them. Since then she has spent much of her time at the Arm, training the fyrd and instructing new initiates at the Hall of the Red Lady. Serenity is training her to take over as Loyal Daughter there.


During the Pavis Rebellion in 1627 she served with distinction and was part of the assault on the Silver Shields barracks. Was recently part of the successful diplomatic mission to the Tarsh Exiles, where The Company won many friends and new allies.


Flower is a relaxed but fearsome warrior, skilled at fighting from behind others with her sverdstav, but equally adept with swords. She is a competent spell caster but needs to improve her abilities in that direction.


Loyal to her friends, she has quickly won her place in The Company and the admiration of her comrades. Especially Serenity.


Flower likes poking people with a sverdstav, flowers, nature, drinking and partying.

Flower likes trees. A lot.

Played by Markie.


Flower says


“I’m going to stand behind them and poke at it.”


“I like the look of those mushrooms.”


Others say


"That's not fighting fair!"