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The Turquoise Tree


The Company of the Turquoise Tree
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The Dundealos
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Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs




The party started the year in the employ of Duke Raus, ruler of the Grantlands. They worked for him briefly but had to give him a wide berth after Garak slept with his daughter.



The Garhound Festival


        Krogar Wolfhelm contacted The Company when they returned to Pavis. He bullied them into attending that years Garhound Festival. He was concerned that a Lunar plant might win the competition and got those members of the party who were eligible to enter to do so. Apparently Serenity sulked for a while because she wasn’t allowed to enter (she got to stab someone though, so no doubt that cheered her up). The party became embroiled in much skulduggery, had another encounter with Zifkky, and succeeded in preventing the Lunar from winning by exposing him as a cheat. Fost did well in the competition and was placed second. Garak turned in a less than glorious performance.


Adventures in Pavis and Beyond


Their next adventure was a trip north to Dagori Inkarth to gather herbs on behalf of a Chalana Arroy priestess. The mission was ultimately successful, but the party was battered about a lot and lost Alducar, who was killed by a grue, the first Company member to die on active duty.

On their return to Pavis Krogar once again waylaid them. He introduced them to Lucifer, a bison riding Humakti, who they enlisted in The Company to fill the place left in the ranks by the death of Alducar. They hunted down a party of broo for him and were then recruited to travel to Ogre Isle to rescue a missing healer. The party only just survived the journey there, encountering ogres and cultists in large numbers, before having to enter a zombie filled ruin to rescue the healer. Almost out of magic and heavily wounded, the party was forced to make a fighting retreat to New Pavis.

After recuperating the party spent several months training, perform cult duties, and doing their own thing. It was at about this time that Serenity and Fost became an item (of a sort). Dvarhelm, who recommended her to them as a potential recruit, introduced the Company to Miko, a Kralori new to Pavis. Many in the party were disturbed by the idea of a sorcerer joining the group, but Serenity and Kragle eventually persuaded them to give her a chance to prove herself.


The Temple of Doom


Broke once more, The Company headed north following a treasure map that Fost had acquired. It led deep into the desert and they soon ran into trouble when savage dust storms developed and they were ambushed by scorpionmen. In the chaos of the sandstorm Serenity and Miko were separated from the rest of the party. The main fighters of the party were largely incapacitated by the initial attack, but the assailants did not initially spot the two girls. Four scorpionmen attacked the girls, luckily Miko was able to Stupefy three of them, Serenity dispatched the fourth and then decapitated his stupefied comrades. They then rushed to aid their companions who were sore pressed by the chaos beasts, turning the tide with another Stupefy spell and two lucky sword blows. The party rallied and finished off the remaining scorpionmen.

      The Company finally found their objective, a half-buried and ruined temple of unknown origin. They entered and were nearly wiped out by wraiths before they had got much beyond the first chamber. Determined to gain something from their arduous journey they travelled further into the ruins, fighting a small horde of zombies as they went deeper into the structure. They found a good quantity of loot and were just preparing to leave when they were ambushed by wraiths again. The party were almost defeated, but their first encounter with the wraiths had caused them to revise their tactics and this enabled them to scrape a victory in the combat. They left soon after and decided to refer to the adventure as their expedition to the Temple of Doom.

The journey back was less eventful. The Company fought a small group of broo, met up with Lucifer’s clan, and arrived in Pavis considerably richer than when they had left.

The money was soon spent and not long after the temple episode they were looking for work again. Fost and Garak recruited an Uroxi sable rider, Poina, into the group in a bid to provide The Company with more front rank fighters and a method of detecting Chaos.

The Company finished the year by hunting broo raiders to earn a bit of extra cash.

(- Alducar, + Miko, + Lucifer, + Poina).