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Vingan gifts and geases



This material draws heavily on Jane Williams’ Vinga cult write-up, as she was the source of the Vinga cult that we initially used in our game.



A geas is a binding restriction on a characters behavior, enforced by the will of the goddess. They are taken to bring that character closer to the goddess. Those who break a geas will lose all benefits from that geas, suffer attacks from spirits of reprisal, and lose favour in the eyes of Vinga.

Geases are not available at all temples. They are most commonly found at temples with a strong Babeester Gor, Elmal, or Humakt link (such as Ernalda’s Home, Tarthcaer, Last Cast, Defender’s Fort, Notchet, and Pavis). Most Vingans who worship at such sites take a geas upon initiation.

Lesser gift/geas pairs are chosen, in consultation with a priestess, rather than being chosen by the Goddess (allotted by chance or dice). Dangerous geases will not be granted to inexperienced initiates for whom they would be suicidal. At initiation an additional geas/gift pair can be taken or the initial gift/geas can be a Greater one; either option requires the sacrifice of a point of POW and the approval of the goddess (i.e. the GM).

Additional geases may be taken on High Holy days if the Goddess approves (determined by divination). Each requires the sacrifice of a point of POW.

When Daughter rank is reached a Greater gift/geases pair is taken and the new Daughter can sacrifice one point of POW to take a second Greater or Lesser gift/geases at the same time. Further geas/gifts can be obtained in the normal way on High Holy days.

Storm Ladies always take two Greater gift/geases upon achieving priest status due to their closeness to Vinga.

Lesser Gift/Geas pairs are occasionally bestowed upon Vingans who perform great services for the temple or cult, join a particular hero cult, or take certain vows.

Much local variance exists on the practice of taking geases, and many different gift/geas combinations exist, most unique to a particular location or hero cult.

Greater gifts and geases should not be taken by initiates, and are generally only granted to those of priestess rank (i.e. GMD).

One of the lesser gift and geas pairs grants the Sense Rapist skill. It is detailed below.
Sense Rapist

Perception (Base 10%)


This skill allows the user to identify rapists and despoilers of the Earth. The user must be close enough to see the target's mannerisms and hear his voice for at least one minute. A fumble means an incorrect assessment is made; no further rolls are allowed. Sense Rapist is only half as effective at detecting female despoilers.

Lesser Gift and Geas pairs

Geas Gift Source
Never use a shield Add 20% to Dodge skill  
Never allow any woman to suffer needlesly Double magic point recovery rate Ernalda
Never allow any child to suffer needlesly Double fatigue point recovery rate Voria
Never allow any innocent to suffer needlesly Shield Helpless 1/day  
Never allow an alynx to suffer needlesly Adds 15% to Track skill Yinkin
Never allow any Trickster to suffer needlesly Adds 15% to Fast Talk skill Eurmal
Never allow any horse to suffer needlesly Adds 15% to Ride-Horse Redalda/Elmal
Never allow any Healer to suffer needlesly Resist Disease at +4 CON Chalana Arroy
Never ask any man for protection Add one to Dexterity and Appearance Babeestor Gor
Never refuse a challenge to a fair fight Adds 15% to a Weapon skill  
Never trust men Taught Sense Rapist skill at 20% + perception bonus Babeestor Gor
Never refuse a reasonable request from a Healer Adds 15% to First Aid Chalana Arroy
Never use poison Resist poisons at +4 CON Humakt
Never flee from a fair fight Resist Fear, Demoralise and Fearshock at +4  
Never surrender to chaos Adds 15% to a Weapon skill  
Never surrender to broo Resist Disease at +4 CON  
Never flee or surrender to broo Dex SR lowered by one, cannot go below 0  
Sacrifice to Babeestor Gor, hair turned blood-red Add three to Appearance Babeestor Gor
Own no female slaves Adds 25% to Foil Restraints skill  
Free any female or child slaves who ask for aid Add one to Dexterity and Appearance  


Greater Gifts and Geases



Greater Gifts



01-25:    Simple Power. Cult spirit magic spell up to 3 points can be cast free of magic point cost. (1).

26-30:    Divine Voice. Shout of Command 1/day. (2).

31-35:    Divine Blade. Truesword 1/day. (1).

36-40:   Divine Reflexes. Increase Dodge to 90% or + 25%. (1).

41-45:   Divine Skill. Raise a cult skill to 90% or + 25%. (2).

46-50:   True Health. +1d3 CON. (3).

51-55:   True Speed. + 1d3 DEX. (3).

56-60:   True Beauty. +1d3 APP. (3).

61-65:   True Mobility. +1d3 Move. (3).

66-70:  True Strength. +1d3 STR. (3).

71-75:  Iron Valour. Immune to Demoralise, Fear and Fearshock effects (2).

78-81:  True Power. Increase maximum Power by 3 (2).

82-87:   Natural Leader. Inspire 2/day (2).

88-89:  True Companion. The character gains an additional allied spirit. (2).

90-92:  Daughter of Orlanth. Sylphs and storm spirits will never attack unless attacked first (2).

93-94:   Divine Tongue. +10% to all language skills (2).

95-96:   Divine Life. Gain 1d4 hit points on each hit location (3)

97-98:   Face of Death. Each round one attacked enemy is Demoralised. (3).

99:        Great Gift. Roll twice ignoring rolls of 99-100.

100:     Greatest Gift. PC choice.



Greater Geases



01:         Favoured. No geas.

02:        Own no female slaves.

03:        Free any female slaves who ask for aid.

04:        Free any female slaves of men.

05:          Own no slaves.

06-09:     Never allow a woman to suffer needlessly.

10-14:     Never allow a child to suffer needlessly.

15-19:     Never allow innocents to suffer needlessly.

20-22:     Never allow the helpless to suffer needlessly.

23-26:     Never allow a healer to suffer needlessly.

27:          Never allow a horse to suffer needlessly.

28-30:     Never allow an alynx to suffer needlessly.

31-32:    Never allow a Trickster to suffer needlessly.

33:         Never refuse a reasonable request from an Elmal priest.

34-36:   Never refuse a reasonable request from an Earth priestess.

37-38:  Never refuse a reasonable request from a Heler priest.

39-40:  Never refuse a reasonable request from a Healer.

41-42:   Never allow a child to suffer.

43-46:   Never allow a woman to suffer.

47-48:   Never eat bird meat.

49:        Never eat horsemeat.

50-53:   Never refuse a challenge to a fair fight.

54-56:   Never refuse a challenge to a fight.

57-58:   Never refuse a challenge.

59-60:   Never lie to Humakti or Lhankor Mhy worshippers.

61-63:   Never use poison.

64-66:   Never seek shelter from a natural storm.

67-68:   Never ask a man for protection.

69-71:  Never ask anyone for protection.

72-73:   Never allow a known rapist to go unpunished.

74-76:  Never flee or surrender to chaos.

77-79:   Never flee or surrender to broo.

80-82:   Never go undefended in the presence of men.

83-86:   Always challenge men who openly doubt battle prowess.

87-90:   Never use a shield.

91:       Never speak to or aid Lunars in any way.

92-93:  Never flee or surrender to Zorak Zorani.

94-95: Challenge male sun worshipping rune lords to a duel unless they acknowledge you the better fighter.

96-97:   Never love any but Earth or Storm worshippers.

98:       Never fail to defend the innocent.

99:      Roll twice more. Ignore 99-100.

100:   GM chooses two geases to stronger effect.