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The Turquoise Tree

The Rules

The Company of the Turquoise Tree
Cult List
The Dundealos
Comments and Events
Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs





The Arm of Pavis 1629


1.        No Chaos

2.        No Lunars

3.        No killing

4.        No credit

5.        No non clan member may trade outside of the caravanserai or other market areas

6.        Assaults on staff will be punished by expulsion of the offender and the banning of their allies from these facilities for the period of one season

7.         Theft from The Company or staff will be punished by expulsion and the confiscation of the offenders property.

8.        Damage will be paid for by the transgressor

9.         No one touches Fred. If he is harmed then The Company will slay the aggressor and any allies who assist them