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Holy Days




A list of Vingan holy days follows. It includes the holy days common to all Vingan subcults, and some subcult holy days. The list has been derived from Storm Tribe and a few net sources. There are additional holy days, but these vary from clan to clan and are not included here.

Vinga receives worship as one of the Thunder Brothers at all Orlanth ceremonies.

The DarkStorm subcult holds rituals on Wild Day, Harmony Week, every season, to honour the DarkStorms victories over Chaos.


       Axe Day.

        Brothers Day. Variable holy day in Storm Season.

        Defence Day.  High holy day, held in late Earth Season or early Darkness Season, when the first Defender Storm arrives. See Storm Tribe for further details.

       Gor Day.

        Loom Blessing Day. (Clay Day, Fertility Week, Darkness Season)

        Mahomravand. Vinga receives sacrifices in her role as protector of the hearth on this Ernaldan holy day (Hearth Day, Clay Day; Fertility Week, Fire Season).

        Protector of Mothers Day. Vinga receives sacrifices of flowers and food on this day, the anniversary of her defence of Drenyan Red Claw as she laboured to give birth to Heort (Clay Day, Fertility Week, Storm Season).

        Spear Blessing Day.  The day when Vinga and the women defended the clan from Chaos monstrosities sent by Ragnalar, and Vinga slew The Oozing Behemoth. Celebrated widely except in Ralios (Clay Day, Movement Week, Dark Season).

        Sword Day.  (Winds Day, Movement Week, Sea Season).








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