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The Turquoise Tree

Fost Longstrider

The Company of the Turquoise Tree
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Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs


Stereotypical Orlanthi hero.




Male Sartarite of the Goodsword clan of the Lismelder tribe. Priest of Orlanth, Chief of the Turquoise Tree clan, initiate of Pavis, River Hero, Marshal of Pavis, heroquestor, founder member of The Company.


He is 6’2” tall, well muscled and good-looking. Fost  has brown hair, yellow eyes and is clean-shaven. He wears iron ringmail. Born 1598.


Age 31.


Company leader and front-rank fighter.


Fost is the eldest child of Hogar the Beardy and Uweena Half-Pint, farmers of the Goodsword clan of the Lismelder tribe. He has a very pretty younger sister (Beranda) who is a Vingan (she was recruited by Serenity).


Fost can be credited with many of the heroic deeds of The Company (but isn’t), and is widely respected as a brave, kind, and honourable warrior of great skill. He is a decent person and man of principle.


He was placed second at the 1619 Garhound Contest, helped to defeat the Vomiter and the Chaos Gaggle, and fought the Coders with them. He was lost to the group after the mostly failed mission to Dyskund Caverns, but returned a year and a bit later, having participated in the Lismelder Rebellion of 1624.


Fost fought valiantly at the Battle of Iceland and served ably as a battlefield commander, earning the respect of his men. He won the Running Competition at the Troll Games. He helped the Cradle reach the sea, stole a standard from the Silver Shields, led the Pavis rebellion and has recently been appointed Marshal of Pavis. His bravery during the StormWalk Path heroquest was unsurpassed. Recently led a successful diplomatic mission to the Tarsh Exiles, where The Company won many friends and new allies.


Fost is clever and a competent spell caster, often realising what the supposedly cerebral members of the party do not.


Some in the party claim that he prevaricates too much; others say that he prevaricates far too much. As a tactician he seems to want to devise very complicated attack plans (my experiences with The Company tend to suggest that simple plans are in fact required).


He is a highly skilled warrior, outdoorsman and is surprisingly well educated. His weapons of choice are axe and shield. Likes throwing javelins.


Fost has a long-term on-off relationship with Serenity, who delights in harassing him, getting him to do the jobs she does not want to do, and the fact that despite this all, he came back. Despite the trials of this relationship, Fost remains amazingly relaxed, and easy to be around.


Fost is supposedly the leader of the party, those in the know he's just a front for Serenity. The group is reasonably democratic, it's just that Serenity can shout real loud and seems to always end up in charge.


He has a son, Garak, the result of his relationship with Rosie, a Maran Gor priestess. He is currently married to a Tarshite girl although this will end soon as it was only a year marriage enacted for political reasons (the couple get on very well however).


An alynx called Ulric accompanies Fost everywhere.  It may be related to Red Stripe, Serenity's alynx, both have very bad tempers. Fost rides a large war zebra called Zeus.


Fost likes big women, beer, hitting things with an axe,beer, bossy women, sheep, and seriously hates both Chaos and the Lunars.

Fost emerged largely unchanged from his imprisonment at the hands of the cult of Thanatar

Fost and his ropey zebra.


Played by Dan.


Fost says


He said it was worth 350 lunars.”


"You've spent all of my money! How? You could have bought a small castle with that much cash."


“We’re not retreating, we’re fighting in a different direction.”




“What if we do exactly the same thing but this time try harder?”


"Try not to look important, they may be low on arrows and not want to waste one on you."

(Advice given to a new initiate)


“You’re going home in a horse drawn ambulance.”





Others say


"He's a nice lad, but a bit of a sap."



“ I’m bored Fost. Dance for me.”



"Don't be upset he didn't recognise you Fost. You're not nearly famous enough yet."