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The Turquoise Tree

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The Pavis Temples



The city of New Pavis has always been home to more than its fair share of Vingans. Mainly from the Adventurer subcult, they have brought a cosmopolitan attitude to the temple there, and a considerably more mixed congregation than would be encountered at most Vingan temples. Separated from the main stream of Vingan worship, the Temple of Vinga Adventurous has adopted some unusual practices, and follows a mixed bag of rituals from different areas (mainly Sartar) that would seem at least slightly odd to most Vingans. It is a small temple and until recently rarely had more than 100 or so regular initiate worshippers.

The history of the temple is discussed by Jane Williams (go here); this write-up details our campaign version of her write-up, and a recent history of events.

In 1622/3 Serenity Macleod (Kallyr the Dancer/Kallyr TwoSwords) constructed a shrine to Vinga the Adventurer at the Arm of Pavis (the Hall of the Red Lady). At first simply a home for her small warband, the congregation grew, until what had started as an expensive and large shrine, became a small temple. Serenity recruited refugees from Sartar, and the number of worshippers was further boosted when the Lunars temporarily closed the city temple (1623-4). In 1624 the hero cult of Kallyr the Dancer was established there, followed in 1626 by shrines to Morfanwen Keenspear, Vinga the Avenger, and Vinga Spearwoman.

Following the fall of Whitewall in 1626, the cult of Vinga in Pavis grew in power.  Large numbers of Sartarite refugees arrived in Pavis County (many helped by the efforts of The Company of the Turquoise Tree), and they provided a rich source of recruits for the Pavis and Rubble temples.

The Hall of the Red Lady priestess, Serenity Macleod, proved an enthusiastic, charismatic, and generous recruiter. Many flocked to the temple and by the end of the year its congregation had more than doubled.  Events later that year provided more recruits, many of whom were enlisted into The Company of the Turquoise Tree’s warband.

Both temples also benefit from the political and social connections of The Company of the Turquoise Tree, many of whom are important within their cult in Pavis. Links with the cults of Chalana Arroy, Humakt, Issaries, Lhankor Mhy, Pavis, Uleria, Urox, Yelmalio, and Zola Fel, have all been strengthened by these connections. The Rubble temple also has strong links with the Uz of the Rubble, and has become heavily involved with the Rebellion in Sartar. The latter link resulted in a substantial contingent from Pavis at the Battle of Iceland.

The year 1627 has proved a turning point for the cult in Pavis. A successful rebellion early in the year freed Pavis of its Lunar occupiers, a rebellion in which The Company paid a prominent part; they were responsible for much of the planning and organisation of the rebellion, and their actions of The Company contributed greatly to its success (see the campaign journal for details).

 Following the rebellion, The Company’s warband kept the peace in New Pavis, acting as a guard force until things quietened down. For a while at least, the cult all but ran the city, but power was soon handed over to the Pavis cult (a political expedient).

The Company and the cult of Vinga are still prominent supporters of the city, and very influential within it (they and their allies account for more than half of the fighting forces available to the city, between them they head several temples in the city, they are very wealthy, etc).

The cult has since relinquished most of its connections to the government of Pavis, preferring instead to provide troops to assist with the protection of the city and Pavis County. It owns much land in Pavis County now, bringing further wealth to the temple coffers.

The cult has also helped many of the refugees from Sartar, providing food, protection, shelter, and healing, and much other assistance. In accordance with Vinga’s virtue of Generosity, all of the help has been provided for free, winning many friends among the new arrivals.

The cult in Pavis arguably benefits the most from its current leadership. Serenity Macleod is a powerful heroquesting priestess, renowned for her dedication to the goddess and utter ruthlessness when dealing with her enemies. She has many contacts and alliances, which she has used to improve the cults position in Pavis greatly. A successful adventurer, Serenity has made a large amount of money, most of which resides in the temple coffers at the Hall of the Red Lady, and is used to fund temple projects.

The other two senior priestesses in Pavis, Aelflaed and Burrasca the White are also noted for their ability. Burrasca is a veteran warrior, experienced heroquestor, and leads the Five Winds warband. Aelflaed, a Pavis County native, has successfully run the temple at New Pavis since 1593, although she is now considering retirement to a stead in Pavis County in the near future, as she is in her late sixties. Her replacement seems likely to be her assistant, Cerys Mannorsdottir, another Pavis County native.

            Serenity is assembling a warband at Pavis, troops to help with the rebellion, but initially wants simply to protect the people of the Zola Fel Valley; this should provide a useful base of operations, and The Company has both obligations and investments there (mainly in Pavis County). Much of the activities at the temples in Pavis are linked to this plan.


Temple of Vinga Adventurous



New Pavis temple to Vinga. Located in-between the Orlanth and Ernalda temples. Founded in 1553 by Gwenllian Firehair.

This site is fully detailed in Jane Williams’ write-up (go here). It contains a good range of facilities and equipment, and is the centre of the cult of Vinga in New Pavis and Pavis County.

The temple is able to teach almost all of the spirit magic available to the Adventurer and Pathfinder subcults, most of that available to the Spearwoman subcult, and any spells associated with hero cult shrines located there. The same is true of divine magic; over the years an excellent library of Vingan ritual has been accumulated here, and the recent increase in the congregation has raised the temple to the equivalent of a major temple.

The following shrines can be found at the temple.


        Vinga the Adventurer

        Vinga the Pathfinder

        Vinga the Spearwoman

        Anratha the Frontierswoman

        Maralda ClearVoice


The Hall of the Red Lady



Temple to Vinga in the Big Rubble. Located at the Arm of Pavis. Founded in 1622/3 by Serenity Macleod (Kallyr the Dancer).

This site will be fully described in a later write-up, only basic details are given here.

The Hall of the Red Lady has an excellent range of training facilities and accommodation. Worshippers at the temple are also able to use the facilities at the Arm of Pavis. The congregation of this temple consists mainly of the Dancers of the Laughing Goddess, and Vingans from The Company of the Turquoise Tree’s warband.

The temple is able to teach all of the spirit magic available to the Adventurer and Avenger subcults, most of that available to the Spearwoman subcult, and any spells associated with hero cult shrines located there.

The same is, to a substantial extent, true of divine magic; over the last few years an excellent library of Vingan ritual has been accumulated here (Serenity copied the New Pavis temple collection during her brief tenure as priestess there), and the recent increase in the congregation has raised the temple to the equivalent of a minor temple. The Enthrall, I'm Hardly Trying Yet, Restore Morale, and Taunt spells cannot be sacrificed for here.

The temple includes the following shrines.


        Vinga the Adventurer

        Vinga the Avenger

        Vinga the Spearwoman

        Kallyr the Dancer

        Morfanwen Keenspear


Priestesses in Pavis



There are currently more Vingan priestesses operating in the Pavis area than at any previous point. Some of the less-transient and more important are detailed below. In addition to this, there are typically two to six other priestesses in the region, most are Vinga Spearwoman followers who live with the settlers in Pavis County and are generally only found at the temples on holy days.


        Serenity Macleod; Storm Lady. Generally known as Kallyr the Dancer, she is the most powerful priestess of the goddess in the region and an experienced heroquestor. She was Loyal Daughter at the New Pavis temple briefly, but now acts as senior priestess for the region as a whole (in an paying-for and organisational capacity only, not as a religious authority per se). Renowned for her deadly sword skills, constant mithering of just about everyone, and fiery temper. Serenity has matured into her responsibilities but is still a priestess of Vinga the Teenager at heart. Has an evil sense of humour. Despite this, most of her congregation love her, as her dedication to them and their welfare is (psychopathically) strong. Very few Vingans in the region have not been helped or trained by her, services she always provides for free.

        Burrasca the White; Storm Lady. Leads the Five Winds warband and is Loyal Daughter of The Hall of the Red Lady.  Tall and strikingly beautiful (if aging). Serenity’s much-loved (and much mithered) mentor. A veteran warrior and powerful priestess, she has settled down somewhat after her near-death experience during the Cradle Affair. Is in charge of the Vingans in The Company’s warband.

        Aelflaed; Loyal Daughter. Head priestess at the temple in New Pavis. Aging priestess with an interesting background and gentle temperament. She has run the temple for over thirty years now and even kept it open during most of the Lunar occupation of Pavis. Renowned for her cunning. Aelflaed is now considering retirement and believes she has found a replacement in Cerys Mannorsdottir, her assistant. Loved by local Vingans for her kindness and ability to handle Serenity; she treats her like an errant teenage daughter, and has even managed to get her to shut up without using threats (rumour has it that Fost Longstrider of The Company is thinking of building her a shrine when she goes to the Red-Headed Lodge, so that succeeding generations can benefit from her remarkable ability).

        Cerys Mannorsdottir; Daughter of Vinga. Assistant to Aelflaed at the New Pavis temple. Short and buxom with a heart of gold. Industrious, capable, and reliable Spearwoman priestess from Pavis County. Likely to replace Aelflaed as head priestess soon.

        Flower; Daughter of Vinga. A member of The Company, she has only been a priestess for two years, and currently assists Bjork OddSong at the Hall of the Red Lady. She is Sartarite and somewhat of a rising star in the Vingan community at Pavis.

        Bjork OddSong; Loyal Sword Daughter. Head priestess at the Hall of the Red Lady. She is an experienced adventurer and very knowledgeable, especially in the rituals and mythology of the goddess. Reliable, if occasionally a touch flamboyant, she is much loved by her fellow Vingans. She is of average height, pretty, and heavily decorated with Vingan tattoos.

        Bjork Kallyrsdottir; Sword Daughter. Serenity Macleod’s adopted daughter, she has only just qualified as a priestess. Tall and lean. Most of her experience so far has been in the Big Rubble and Prax; she has recently begun duties as guard captain at the Hall of the Red Lady.

        Kardala Eightknives; Daughter of Vinga. Newly arrived in Pavis. Vinga Desemborth priestess with a reputation for violence. Has recently joined The Company (who also have a reputation for violence). Is a temple priestess at The Hall of the Red Lady.

        Gale Warnyn; Daughter of Vinga. Windchild. Serenity Macleod’s favoured apprentice and potential Spearthane. Has only been a priestess for two years but shows great promise. Kind and bouncy, she loves sweetmeats.

        Merwen the Tracker; Daughter of Vinga. Kheldon tribe Pathfinder priestess who arrived at Pavis late 1626. She leads many of the caravans bringing Sartarite refugees to Pavis County and travels widely. Based in Pavis but rarely there. She is a dedicated, quiet, and experienced priestess. Of average height, she wears her hair in Praxian knots and always wears the white cloak of the Clear Voice cult.

Outline of Notable Events



        1553: Gwenllian Firehair, with the assistance of Red Anratha, sanctifies the temple at New Pavis. Several years of conflict with the SunDomers follows.

        1560: A shrine to the hero cult of Maralda ClearVoice is established at the temple. Clear Voice Lodge built nearby.

        1565: Gwenllian leads a contingent to Dwarf Ford and does not return. Succeeded by Sorcha as Loyal Daughter of the temple. She forged strong links with other temples, notably the Uleria temple.

        1572: Sorcha retires after she is badly injured in the nomad incursions of that year. Replaced by Cyfaredd, a Sartarite remembered for her skill at, and knowledge of, rituals and heroquests. She established the library at the temple.

        1574: Shrine to Red Anratha established at New Pavis temple.

        1593: Cyfaredd retires to Tarthcaer. She is replaced by Aelflaed, the first Pavis County native to hold the office. Kallyr Starbrow studied under her for a few years during this time (in secret).

        1610: Lunar conquest of Pavis. The temple records disappear, together with any proof that Starbrow studied here.

        1613: A small contingent of Vingans from Pavis participated in Starbrow’s Rebellion, but do not return.

        1618: Serenity Macleod arrives in Pavis. Known as Kallyr TwoSwords she appears little more than an adventurer and attracts little attention. As The Company progresses in its career, this begins to change and she becomes one of Burrasca’s assistants.

        1622: The temple in New Pavis is temporarily closed down during a Lunar crackdown on the worship of Orlanth. Re-opens later in the year when The Company helped the Coders to fight the Chaos Gaggle (see journal for more info).

        1622/3: Serenity becomes a priestess, and arranges the construction and dedication of the Hall of the Red Lady, a temple to Vinga in the Rubble.

        1624: Serenity briefly Loyal Daughter at the Pavis temple in Aelflaed’s absence on a pilgrimage to Tarthcaer.

        1624: Hero cult of Kallyr the Dancer established at the Hall of the Red Lady.

        1625/6: The temple congregations increase as refugees from Sartar arrive in the area in considerable numbers.

        1626: A contingent of fifty Vingans from Pavis is present at the Battle of Iceland. They acquit themselves well, and suffer comparatively few casualties. Many joined the Kallyr the Dancer hero cult when Orlanth was restored, inspired by her deadly display of the Sword Dance during the battle.

        1626: A shrine to Morfanwen Keenspear is constructed at the Hall of the Red Lady.

        1627: The Pavis Rebellion. The cult of Vinga plays a prominent role in what they refer to as the ‘Night of TwoSwords’. Vingans help to keep the peace afterwards (until the Pavis Council is instituted). They still provide a substantial contingent to the city guard.